No need to read this, redirect to read the rules and stuff this is just fluff info about our rp

I apologize for asking you with this blog. The ask limit is doing around 5 blogs at a time ><

Hello, we’re a facebook rp that accepts every asian idol under the sun~! Right now we have a lot of kpop but we want asian idols from everywhere so check us out and apply for anyone if you’d like ^^ thanks~

What’s to come? 
The admins of Jiggy-rp are planning many adventures, we’re pretty laid back so everyone really is able to do whatever they want in character under most circumstances. However, we’re planning some events for everyone that has time to do stuff. 
The first one will be a highly complex scavenger hunt designed to help various people get to know one another. We will begin this after everyone clears out the inactives around feburary 11th ish